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Are you Pregnant?

What are some of the symptoms of pregnancy? Some of the symptoms include late or missed period, frequent tiredness, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, swollen or sore breasts, frequent urination, weight gain or loss, and appetite change. While you may or may not have any of these symptoms, a medical pregnancy test is the only way to be sure you are pregnancy.  The Women’s Help Center can provide confidential pregnancy testing at no cost to you.

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Your Choices

You have choices. Your first choice is to choose where you will go to determine if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, there will be other choices to consider.  You need to know your resources; who can help you.  Knowing your choices and how you will be affected by that choice is very important. One option is self-parenting whether you are single or in a relationship. Another option is parenting through adoption.  This option allows you as little or as much involvement as you like in your child’s life.  Another option is abortion. The Women’s Help Center does not refer or perform abortions, but we are happy to share with you about procedures and other medical information. Your choice is still your choice.  Know your choices.

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Need Help?

The Women's Help Center has in-house resources, along with other community resources, to assist you and your family.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance (rent/mortgage, utilities, phone)
  • Healthcare Referrals
  • Education (HiSet/GED)
  • Financial Literacy/Education
  • Relationship and Life Skills Education

Visit WHC’s Services for additional resources or call for more information.

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Need an Ultrasound?

The main reason you should get an ultrasound is simply to see how far along you are in your pregnancy.  With this safe and accurate procedure you will also be able to detect the fetal heartbeat, determine the baby’s age and approximate due date. One of the most exciting services we offer at The Women's Help Center is a FREE ultrasound.

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