What would my baby be like right now?

Day 1: Sperm joins with egg to form one cell that contains the genetic blueprint for every detail of human development.

Day 5-9: The fertilized egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus.

Day 21: My baby’s heart begins to beat.

Day 28: My baby’s backbone and muscles are forming. Arms, legs, ears, and eyes begin to show.

Day 30: My baby’s circulatory system is circulating blood through the body.

Day 35: Fingers can be seen on the hand.

Day 40: Brain waves can be detected and recorded.

Week 7: My baby begins to move spontaneously. Jaw and teeth buds form.

Week 8: My baby now has everything present found in a fully developed adult.  He can respond to touch.

Week 9: My baby can grasp objects placed in its palm. Her Fingerprints have developed.

Week 10: She can swallow, squint, and wrinkle her forehead.

Week 12: My baby sleeps and wakes up. She can make a fist and curl her toes. She begins to breathe amniotic fluid to be used to develop her respiratory system.

Week 13: Sex organs are recognizable.

Month 4: My baby’s ears are functioning at this time. Her hair and nails are growing.

Month 5: My baby begins kicking and moving more often. You can feel movement by now and he or she may jump in reaction to loud noises.

Month 6: Skin is now protecting my baby with oil and sweat glands now functioning. He can swallow, hiccup and suck his thumb.

Month 7: She can now recognize your voice. My baby can open and close her eyes.

Month 8: My baby’s skin is getting thicker. Antibodies are increasing.

Month 9: My baby begins to move down in preparation for birth.